Monday, February 15, 2010

Kimono interrupted

Wow - well, it's been a while since my last blog post.  It seems I'm too busy managing the million and one things I have to do but alas - I'm doing my best!

I recently started exploring Etsy for some vintage kimono fabrics and well, fell in love with quite a few!  Some came on rolls (only a few meters of each of course) and others were small panels unstitched from actual kimono's!  This was followed by an intense Ebay search for MORE fabrics - which I now have on order from Japan.  Why not go right to the source - right?!  So I now am patiently waiting for these amazing vintage fabrics and full on kimonos.  Can't wait!!

In the meantime I got my Etsy fabrics and made a few goodies for spring.....

I contemplated for a while on what to make with these two..  I mean, kimono fabrics are usually on 13" - 15" or so wide!  So I decided a somewhat couture style dress was definitely in order!  This one was made from 13" wide fabric and 5 meters.
Next project....  a blouse I can make more than once using the limited width of 13" fabrics!  This one will be up in my Etsy shop very soon in limited edition fabrics!  You can also contact me to reserve one of these for yourself... I'm thinking this top will be one of my summer staples - if only it could heat up outside!    

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