Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring... where art thou?!!

Dear Mother Nature,

Why are you torturing us with this nasty weather?!  Here I am, trying to get inspired to wear fantastic spring outfits - maybe even do some spring shoe shopping but alas I am wearing furry winter boots, walking in soppy slushy snow and feeling well - the winter blues.

So - I thought I would write this post, share some of my Spring10 collection, along with some spring inspiration... and some of my favourite finds -  so we can all fantasize about the day that the sun will shine and we can wear cute shoes, wink at cute boys (hope that they're single) and smell the damn roses.   I'd love to smell a fresh peach too!

Please join me in shaking your fists at Mother Nature and dreaming of green grassy sunny days.  I'd also love to hear what YOU can't wait for!!  The smell of fresh cut grass?  Sand between your toes? What are you coveting for spring?!   Do tell...  I need something to look forward to!


This gorgeous print is from a fantastic photographer out of Suffolk, England...  Check out his shop - you won't regret it! 

Of course - we'll all need some styling sunglasses.. why not go vintage?!  These are pretty fabulous!
 I'm also dying to wear these earrings!  I just got them from one of my favorite jewelry designers.  Rachel at Brazen Design is just bursting with talent and I'm having, shall we say a 'small obsession' with her work.  In any case, I have the perfect outfit formed in my head to wear with these earrings.  Caaaaan't wait!  I just have to make it... and I'll post about that later!

Oh peep toe flats.... We will be as one very soon! Stock up on your spring shoes...
And - I simply can't wait to plant some butterfly attracting wildflowers!  There's a whole other blog in this but I'm also making my hangtags out of plantable paper!  Made with an organic wildflower mix that is meant to attract butterflies...  

The next step is to get this gorgeous butterfly feeder made by Glorious Glass Gardens
Spring.. where art thou - really?!  I know it's going to be awesome.. I just can't wait! xo Pyxus


  1. OK it's soooo funny you posted that necklace from the vamoose, I just asked for the matching bracelet for Christmas from my sis, and just received it!!! It's gorgeous, I was going to bring it in tomorrow to show you! The packaging is SUPER cute too!! So funny ;)

  2. I hear you babe! Plus, you'll be seeing me in spring :))))
    Spring has never looked so appealing ;)

  3. Yay for springtime! It's actually KIND of nice out today... Do I dare wear nice shoes out?!! hmmmm danger zone me thinks!