Friday, April 23, 2010

Can't get enough!

As so many of you ladies (and some gents) are - I am totally obsessed with trying out new products, especially if it involves body/facial products or make up.   So, having discovered a really amazing Etsy shop I just had to share!

"Dress Green" provides a line of products made with ingredients from nature!  They use only the highest quality ingredients to enhance the health and beauty of your skin.  They say that each enticing scent is specially crafted, many with beneficial essential oils to not only treat your senses, but also to indulge your skin - and I am a true believer!!  Their packaging is also super cute and recyclable - including their new cellophane soap wrapping that is compostable & biodegradable.   I am truly in love... Here's what I bought and am totally re-ordering.  And guess what - it's also totally affordable!!

Soooo amazing!  I love how the coffee grinds in the soap exfoliate and give you a good scrub - and the smell... Well, it's like having coffee and chocolate cake for breakfast.  I just love it... Did I mention how much I love it?

I don't know about any of you who are also in your thirties but I found that my skin took a turn for the worst in the past few years... As in - crazy breakouts.  I guess it's a hormonal thing that happens as you age "gracefully".. lol  Aaaanyway, this soap has done wonders for me - combined with other things (like cutting down on coffee) it has really helped my skin to clear up.  And trust me - I've tried A LOT of products, so far this one has just done wonders.

This stuff is just magical - It's made with avocado, evening primrose and rosehip oils and does exactly what it says it's gonna do.  I use it at night, along with the moisturizer I'm gaga over (see below).  Do yourself a favor and check out the detailed info on their product page.  I've also been using it as eye make-up remover & it has been superb!!  Put a dab on a cotton pad and just wipe it of.... so amazing and works WAY better than so many products that I've tried and paid a fortune for.  They also have a "nourishing and rejuvenating" option which looks equally as magical and worth a shot I'm sure!

This 2oz jar packs a punch with some really great moisturizer.  At first I was wondering where the awesome coffee smell was coming from... Was it the soap I was using earlier?!  That was part of it.. haha.  but then I realized it was the moisturizer!  Soooo nice....  It's not too heavy ie) doesn't make my face feel greasy at all and not too light where I feel like I need to re-apply.  I have normal skin with dryer areas around my eyes, nose and mouth and this moisturizer is just perfect for me!

So - I haven't tested out the chamomile and calendula bar yet but I caaaaan't wait!!   Did you know that most commercial shampoos contain harsh synthetics that ‘cleanse’ by stripping your hair of everything, including natural oils?  These soaps are handcrafted to also moisturize... So amazing.  Lauren who is the lovely lady responsible for all these goodies sent me a free slice of the pomegranate juice shampoo bar.  I'm just loving it - and you can also use the soap on your body!!  Wow.... How many times can I say how much I love this stuff. She also sent me a little natural tip on how to clarify your hair to get all the grimy grime out but I left that in my bathroom at home so I guess you'll just have to buy yourself a shampoo bar to find out what it is!! 

So - if you've been looking for some really great soap, shampoo, moisturizer and products.. Try this shop out!  You really won't regret it.
XOXO Michelle

P.S. This is the back of my head for you ladies that wanted to see my new "hairs did"  8)

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