Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wish it was my prom again... Fantasy #1

Really - I really do wish it was my prom again.  I would do so many things differently if I could but one of my biggest regrets is what I wore to my prom.  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't the worst dress of the evening or anything like that - I just wouldn't pick that dress if I had to do it all over again.  I probably wouldn't pick the same date again either but that's a whole other issue - lol!   I'll be reminded of who's dress was the worst this summer at my 20 year grad reunion. (uum I guess there goes any illusion that I might be younger - oops!)  I think we're planning on doing a "reunion" fashion show - now THAT will give me some good content for a comedy blog.

In any case, I've decided that there's nothing wrong with a little fantasy and I may as well give some young ladies some style advice while I'm at it.... So, here's my Prom/Graduation dress fantasy #1 - I'll be following up in the next few weeks with some more prom fantasy looks!

Now:  Do yourself a favor and get in the mood - Watch Pretty in Pink

If I had to do it all over again - I would go the DIY route like Andi does in the movie.  Since I have the skills to go beyond that I'll just share with you a dress that I made recently that I would have DIED to wear to my prom.  And really, all I could think when I was doing the test fitting for this dress was "damn, I wish it was 20 years ago!"  A little bit like Annie Potts in this unforgettable scene....  except my slippers were pink.
Annie Potts and Molly Ringwald in the John Hughes film "pretty in pink"

Lolita cupcake dress by Simone's Rose - Vintage Gold Label - $425

I made this dress out of vintage kimono silk jacquard fabric and mixed in some new locally purchased fabric.  I've connected with Cherie at Shrimpton Couture  where I'm now selling one of a kind couture dresses made from vintage kimono fabrics.  She's got a great thing going with her online vintage boutique and is the perfect match for my dresses.   So, yes - THIS is the dress I would wear if I could!   Pretty and sassy with a little bit of edge....
Back view / hand sewn rosettes, gold metal zipper and gold pressed studs
The fantasy doesn't end there ladies and gentlemen.. What about accessories!? So many choices!!  I would love to pair this dress up with a gorgeous gold metal vintage belt rather than the sash that it comes with - just to add some edginess (of course)... Here's some fab finds:
Heavy Metal Gold vintage belt from Reluctant Damsel on Etsy - $13.00 (yeah, really!)
Vintage 80's gold spring belt from Pudding vintage on Etsy - a steal at $12.50
Couldn't go without this matching faaabulous heavy metal gold bracelet - by MissAntique on Etsy $45

I'd be hard pressed to pick between some over the top earrings or some pretty and delicate pearl like lovelies (depending on the belt of course!)   Hmmmm.. difficult decision!
Gorgeous Vintage Cascading rhinestone earrings - $56 from VintageBellaBride on Etsy

Soo pretty!  DIY that little bow heart brooch onto a thin chain - what a steal at $16.95!

This ring is just a must...  It's fabulous isn't it?  Floret stacking ring by Blanca Monros-Gomez out of Brooklyn - $198
And then there's the shoe and bag issue....  Since I invested in the dress I might have to go on a budget for the shoes - like these from Asos

ASOS POSIE Bow Peeptoe Platform Shoe

 Buuuut - since this is my fantasy, I've decided that I would be pretty happy and excited if I got to wear either of these Jimmy Choos or Christian Louboutin's
$995 / Jimmy Choo Keenan Metallic Caged Sandal
$995 / Christian Louboutin Fetilo Peep toe pumps
And the clutch! 

 Well, that's that...  I might go over the top and rock out this really great shrug as well, just because it's fabulous!!
Organic linen shrug with large hemp silk crepe flowers - Looove it!  $189 by Natural Bridals on Etsy
I think I'd be the belle of the ball and I wouldn't regret any of it.  So - yes young prom goers, this is my recommended/fantasy #1 prom look.   Oh, I almost forgot, the best accessory of all!  xoxo


  1. Hahaha! I love that last accessory!!!!! lol, this is so fun pyxy!!!! I'd love to see what a perfect beach day would look like from your view too ;)

    "When the duck man laid one on me... my thighs were on FIREEEE!!!!" It's from pretty in pink ;)

  2. LOL... David - you're so funny. "The duck man isn't going to ride his bike past your house... aaaanymore!"

    And I"ll definitely write a 'beach' day blog - special for you! 8) xo M

  3. What a fun blog post! Loved the 80's and Pretty in Pink. Thanks so much for including my big sparkling earrings! Anytime you need me to accompany Mr. Depp just let me know. ;)

    Vintage Bella Bride


  4. Gypsy Road StudioApril 12, 2010 at 2:23 PM

    Gotta Love this Blog. Oh Yes the Sweet Days of Pretty in Pink. New Order