Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wish it was my prom again - The last fantasy

Well - it's that time of year.. Prom or "grad" as I like to call it, is right around the corner.  I'm sure most girly girls have their dresses, shoes, accessories and dates all picked out by now but if not - well I have a few suggestions for you....

Today's fantasy prom is inspired by...  get ready for it - Vampires!  With the whole explosion of vampire franchises these days, it's hard to ignore the trend.   The sexy allure of vampires and the mystique of their lifestyle cannot be denied.

Personally, I'm a big fan of  Interview with the Vampire, I mean seriously... Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Christian Slater AND Antonio Banderas!!! I know everyone's into the whole Twilight craze but I guess I'm just old school that way!

You like that one?  (I knew you would)  So, I actually wore a red (vampire red), floor length, off the shoulder gown to MY grad.  It had a big trumpet type bottom with layers of tulle that I got my heel stuck in and practically tripped and fell on my face while walking into the hall.  So - this is my warning to all you prom goers:  Keep it SHORT!  a) You're less likely to trip and fall on your face  b) you can show off your faaaabulous shoes and c) Your sassy legs will be free when you run away from the 'oh so hot' vampire trying to catch you at the end of the night!

"Ditta" - Simone's Rose one of a kind couture dress - $325 usd

Short and seeexy!  This dress from Simone's rose / Vintage Gold Label was inspired by the gorgeous red and black gradient silk panel that makes up the front and back.  I debated for.....ever about actually cutting this panel!!  It's a vintage kimono silk panel I got a while back.  I draped and pleated the side panels with a gorgeous silk chiffon and hand pressed the gold studs at the back.  I REALLY wish this would have been my prom dress.  REALLY.  It's available exclusively at Shrimpton Couture where I'm so excited and happy to be selling my special couture pieces made from vintage kimono fabrics.

Christian Louboutin - Hyper Prive peep toe pumps - $964cad

You can't deny that these Louboutin pumps are gooooorgeous but they come with a hefty price tag!  Steve Madden has some pretty good affordable options - like these super sassy zipper pumps! Love that the metal zippers tie back to the stud detail in the dress.

Steve Madden - Caryssal pumps - $139.95usd

Another fun option is to get your dress custom made!  I actually had my dress made for me by a relative that was sweet enough to do it for me.  I picked out a pattern and changed some of the design and... voila! I recently made the following dress for a custom client through Shrimpton.  The design was picked from one of the dresses I have in stock, the client picked the color (red and black!) - I sent her a choice of swatches to choose from and.. voila!  Perfect for this classic goth inspired look.

Custom made cupcake dress - Sold

Click to see more pics!
 Now - when it comes to accessories well, this trend is all about ornate pieces.  I would probably want to try this Anita Quansah neck piece with the Ditta dress first but I have a sneaking suspicion that it would look fabulous if you have the confidence to pull it off!   Choose ONE fabulous ornate piece like this gorgeous Anita Quansah neck piece or the fabulous chandelier earrings from The Glamourai and you'll be the belle of the ball!
"Hera" by Anita Quansah - Available at Shrimpton Couture - $525usd
Amaranthine earrings by The Glamourai - $225usd

Elizabeth Dupion silk and veiling bow comb - Hopelessly Devoted - $8
 And just for fun...  these hair combs are super cute and from a great Etsy shop out of Australia.  Love it!
Vampira Dupion Silk bat hair comb - Hopelessly Devoted - $28usd
So there you have it - those are my suggestions for a sexy, sassy, one of a kind prom.  Anything is possible these days.. with sites like Shrimpton and Etsy you can hook yourself up with vintage, ready to wear or custom made beauties to fulfill your prom fantasy.  I only wish I had so many options when I was looking for that perfect dress. 

Oh - I almost forgot.... 
Don't forget your black cat! 

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