Thursday, October 7, 2010

Getting back on track!

Well - hello there!  I know, I know.. it really has been quite a while since my last post!  I've been a little bit busy making big changes...   Since my last post (lets not even discuss how long ago that was!!) I've moved out of my formerly fabulous studio space in the old fashion district of Montreal, Quebec - where I shared a creative bubble with Supayana, Broundoor and Norwegian Wood.  Sad as it was to leave these oh so talented and inspiring designers and artists, it was time for me to move on.  I spent a whole month and a bit crammed into my little Plateau apartment working on the Spring 11 collection, filling wholesale orders and keeping Simon and Nixin (my trusty cat and dog duo) from going crazy with the huge mountains of fabric and boxes piled about!  I somehow even managed to get in a photo shoot with Sa-Fi Foto....

One of my favorite shots featuring model Stephanie Stark of Montreal with a new Kimono belt design
I've since made a major but not so distant move to the city of Toronto, Ontario  where I have found a great place to live in The Beaches.  I LOVE the sweet neighborhood and the 15 minute walk to the beautiful beach and boardwalk.  Simon doesn't mind the huge dog park by the lakeshore either!  ;)

I leave you now with just a few inspiring shots of life in the beaches.  Now that I'm "back on track" and in pure nesting mode I will be posting on a regular basis.  Coming soon:  A sneak peek at the Spring 11 collection and photo shoot, DIY packaging and branding (which I've been meaning to post about since forever) and some other things I've been working on!

And on a quick note:  I'll be posting about a flash online sale happening this (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend!  Having gone through all my inventory I have some goodies to unload and fabric to use up so stay tuned!
Just a typical walk in the park

Putting my feet up and enjoying the rocky shores

Simon is soaking up the view and I think he just spotted a cute dog butt! ;)

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