Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's our "Etsy-versary" sale!

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canadians!  With our recent move, the Thanksgiving weekend coming up and an anniversary - It's as though all things are happening at once... So why not celebrate with a sale!  October 15th will mark the one year anniversary for Simone's Rose and its Etsy shop and I couldn't be more excited.  Having left my day job just over a year ago, it was my fellow Manitoba country girl Angie Johnson of Norwegian Wood  that introduced me to Etsy.  It took a lot of work, research and learning but I am happy to say that my Etsy shop and Simone's Rose label is growing.  There is of course a lot more work and growing to be done but at least we're taking steps forward and not backward! 

I came across a quote from Henry Ford that I really liked....    "A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business."   Not everyone will agree I'm sure, but I think it's important to be innovative and to put things out in the world that are worth creating. It makes me the happiest when I know that someone is wearing one of my creations and feels good about it - they know where it came from and it makes them feel and look fabulous.

SO...  having said all that I am celebrating by trying to get more of Simone's Rose out in the world!

Polka dot Kimono wrap top:  On 'crazy sale' for $45

  1. During this crazy move I discovered I have more stock than I thought!! (Note to self:  Must improve inventory taking skills!)  So I'm putting the lot of it on sale..  Check out my Flash Sale section for crazy sales on in stock items.
  2. I think an anniversary deserves something like a gift!  Sooo... I'm offering FREE shipping on all orders totaling $100usd or more to anywhere in Canada or the United States of America and 50% off shipping to all other worldwide destinations.
  3. I've never been a single gift giver (Note to self: Good job) (Other note to self: Quit making stupid jokes) so I'm also giving out Simone's Rose Gift Certificates!
Here's the details:  Flash sale and free shipping/discounted shipping is on now until October 15th, 2010 only!  Shipping will be refunded to you accordingly through Paypal after your purchase is processed. How do you win a gift certificate?!  Simply add your comment below or on our Simone's Rose facebook page (don't forget to "like it" **hint hint**) and make it a good one!  I'd love to hear some great quotes or some original thoughts to keep me inspired.  Sometimes a girl needs a reason to keep going!!   I'll be picking out 3 winners based on your comments and thoughts....  Prizes:  1x $75 gift certificate and 2x $50 gift certificates.  Good luck and thanks for reading!!

Thanks so much for your support everyone!  xoxo Michelle


  1. Keep it up Michelle - you have to keep Simon in yogurt and fabulous handcrafted collars! (Is that inspiration enough??)

  2. P.S. Just jokes! You do fantastic, beautiful work and we are very proud of you for doing what you love!

  3. lol Thanks Christine! Yes - its true, I have to keep Simon lookin' GOOD for his future modeling career! ;)

  4. I'm an on and off stalker of your blog and store who's outing myself in a transparent attempt to win a gift certificate. Because your designs are gorgeous and I'll probably indulge in your sale.

  5. Omgosh!!! It's already been a year!!?! Girl!! You know how to run a business!!! Look at you go!! :-D Xoxox <3

  6. THANKS - to everyone who commented both here and on our facebook page! I'll be contacting the winners individually - MERCI!! xoxo 8)