Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Inspired wedding...

This summer I was asked to make a wedding gown...  And, I was glad to do it!  Considering I knew I wouldn't have to deal with any kind of bridezilla and also considering, it would be a different kind of wedding.  The first clue was when I received the bride's ideas of how she wanted the dress to look and that she wanted it to be...  purple.  Any shade resembling Amethyst really - Wow, yes - this would be something different! 

As with all custom orders, I asked the bride to be to send me photos of inspiration...  likes, dislikes, ideas, etc.  The process itself is pretty involved so I'll get into that in another post but suffice it to say there was a lot of back and forth with ideas and sketches.   This Star Wars photo featuring Natalie Portman kicked off the project with a bang.... 
Star Wars dress (Padme)
Gorgeous and SO different!  We discussed in detail what to do about the neckline and how we could make this dress wearable for an outdoor wedding as well.  Then I found out Amethyst was going to be a big part of the wedding theme... hmmmm, the wheels were turning in my head and I decided I was going to make Amethyst a part of this dress - somehow, there must be a way!
The final sketch
 I also found a seriously gorgeous organic hemp/silk fabric that was just the right shade...  My bride Lindi was over the moon!  "I finally got the swatches in the mail. I love LOve LOVE the silk/hemp fabric. The texture & the color are perfect!!"  Yay!!  If there's something you want when making a custom wedding dress - it's a happy bride to be!  Having a client who is also into using organic and sustainable fabrics - that makes this designer pretty happy too.

The result of this inspired wedding....
A beautiful bride on her wedding day
Hand stitched clusters of Amethyst stone beads on an organic hemp/silk neck piece

Outdoor wedding bliss
This project inspired me to explore and design more neck pieces....  So intricate in detail, these pieces are truly well suited to using and upcycling vintage kimono silks so, coming to you in the next post - Inspired neck pieces of a different kind!  Here's a sneak peak....
Upcycled vintage kimono silk panel, hand beaded - Available very soon at Shrimpton Couture

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