Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kara.... You had me at Hello

Made exclusively for Shrimpton Couture  a wonderful online store selling luxury vintage, reconstructed pieces & Couture - this piece stole my heart and had my mind racing for weeks.  I laid awake in bed visualizing the finished product and finally completed a dress that is contemporary yet reflective of  the works of 1970's designers like Roy Halston.  The dress was entirely inspired by the vintage embroidered kimono panel, draped to fit just right and accented with yards of gorgeous, flowing black silk chiffon.  The inner dress is finished with a fabulously soft jersey that is elasticized at the top and flows around your curves.  Of course I just HAD to top it all off with a big giant bow..... 

"Kara" - Available at Shrimpton Couture - Size S-M - $275usd

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  1. So beautiful, I love the kimono part. :) You seem so talented, so cool!

    I like your blog a lot, I'm a follower!

    Please check mine out too,