Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spring... Please come save us from our misery!

I find myself dragging my feet these days... Is it the "winter blues"??  I don't even feel like going out to 'cheers some beers' - and it's Saturday night... how sad is that?  Instead I think I should look to the future and get inspired to revamp my Spring wardrobe.  Here is the first in a series of posts featuring some of my favorite Spring'11 runway trends and some affordable ways to do it.... 


Louis Vuitton SS'11

Electric blue shoes - The Vintage Gang - $10 on Etsy

Cacharel SS'11

Pump it up with some bright pops of color in your accessories.. SHOES! It's as simple as that.  Wait, first and foremost - play this Technotronic video to get you into the vibe...  PUMP up the jam!!  Are you feelin' it?  So - not everyone is ready to rock out crazy bright colors but I dare you to give it a try this Spring!  Shopping vintage is another affordable way to do this trend.. there is TONS of 80's neon and bright goodies out there in the world, just waiting to be saved. Just make sure you style it up and modernize it so you're not just 'rockin out' your 80's parachute twin set. ;) 

I also LOVE how Cacharel mixed bright, sharp oranges with beige and nudes... This is definitely a look I'll be going for when the snow melts away!

Another option is investing in a great trench for Spring that just says.. "Hello World! I'm amazing and I have the balls to wear this amazing trench!".   Or try something new with this great handmade detachable shirt collar in bright turquoise.  

I know, I know - it's a crazy thought but why not make 2011 the year that you came out of your shell by 'painting' your shell nice and bright!   Until next time.... xoxo

Tommy Hilfiger SS'11
Yeye - handmade detachable collar - $35 on Etsy

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  1. Oh! thank you Michelle for including my collar :)

    I am also dragging my feet all over the place. I already started to buy my Spring shoes!