Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fall & discovering fresh talent!

Think Happy Be Happy print by TheLoveShop on Etsy

Well my lovelies, the sun is shining and I am rejoicing in my luck these days!  I just happened to be asked to do a photo shoot this past Friday with the wonderful Tannia Plytas - top notch make up and hair stylist and I thought.. why not! (Even though I had TONS of work to do and another photo shoot scheduled for Saturday... eeeps!)  I got to meet the uber talented photographer Rick Opiola, a man of few words with a great eye for composition and lighting and the gorgeous Alayna Kellett who's modelling skills are super savvy and fab!  She's also a dancer and owns a gym -  The Body Temple with her hubby... I love a girl with ambition!

All this to say that I'm super excited about the photos from this shoot and a little advice to new designers as well - sign up to Model Mayhem or whatever website you can to collaborate with new people and do it a.s.a.p.  Its amazing what can come from chance meetings and making new connections.

Enough words.. because a picture is worth....
The Dotty chiffon camisole worn with vintage super wide leg jeans
Dotty, dotty.. pretty, pretty! Also worn with a new vintage elastic belt coming for Fall
The Ciel vintage corduroy blazer and Geo skirt - made from vintage textiles its the perfect skirt for cool Fall days
The Ciel blazer.. pretty and bright! I'll be making this one in new fabrics as well.
Re-constructed kimono blazer and high waisted shorts made from vintage blue brocade
One of my favorite shots from the day!
Breathtaking in waxed red knit... This fabric is a factory mill-end and will be available in very limited quantities
The Valentine sweater dress with 'butterfly bow' sleeve detailing - gorgeous and fabulous.. I'm dying over this photo!
That's it for today dears!  Let me know your thoughts and looking forward to sharing MORE photos from the Saturday shoot very soon.  Now.. its back to the sewing machine for the day - wish me luck on a fast sewing day!

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  1. Wow!!!! LOVE the red dress, the reconstructed Kimono!! and the the brocade shorts!! BEAUTIFUL!!