Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Summer Sale Sale!

Alright, so its officially summer.. I know this because I'm constantly digging through my closet looking for easy to wear skirts and dresses!  As if there might be something at the back of my closet that I didn't notice the last time I was digging through there.. hmm, maybe, maybe??  NO, no.. there isn't!  Same old, same old... At the same time this is forcing me to look at my 'not so summer' stuff and want to purge so I was inspired to do the same thing with my 'Simone's Rose' stock closet!  

I realized that certain items I have in stock only have a few sizes left, I also have some samples that need a good home and others that I just want to clear out so I can go a shoppin' for some new fabrics and replenish my Etsy shop !  So feel free to take advantage of my purging and save from 15%-50%!

Better than your boyfriend's Blazer in Navy Organic cotton stretch denim!  Reduced to $90 / 20% savings - Available in Large & Xlarge or altered to smaller sizing for an added $15
Last one in this goooorgeous black lace is a size Medium.  Regular $52 and reduced to $30!!  I'm half tempted to just keep it for myself but I think it needs to go out into the world and make some boys crazy.
Crazy for leggings?!  Check out these fun Zebra leggings reduced from $52 to $39!  You'll also find the Geo Jodphur leggings as well as some gorgeous black velvet leggings in the sale section. All kinds of sizing available.
Kimono blouses my ladies!  This orange beauty is available in any size.. and reduced at a $30 savings!  Regular $98 / Now on sale for $68.  LOVE this color.
Another hot little number, this pretty pink kimono blouse is only available in a size small and also reduced to $68
 So, if you're lookin' for some savings - check it out!  I'll be adding a few more samples as I go through my closet this weekend as well.  Hope you're all having some fun in the sun this July!! xo Michelle

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