Sunday, July 17, 2011

To do list...

To do list by BoyGirlParty on Etsy

 Insert in no particular order:  Get the fall collection ready for sale, complete the lookbook, order fabrics for Spring, finalize the plans for the Vegas tradeshow (there's another to do list on this task), *complete the Spring collection, take care of all that 'business' financial stuff, complete client orders, plan photoshoots, take Simon out and feed the cat.   

* = VERY important 

This is officially what my summer is looking like!  Although, I have been slacking off and fitting in some walks by the beaches on my return trip from the post office these days.  It's supposed to reach 43 degrees with the humidex this week...  OMG.  I have to wonder how I'm going to survive through my natural habit of procrastination in this kind of weather but like Janis Joplin says I will just have to "Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)"!

In the meantime.. I wanted to share some photos from a recent Fall'11 photo shoot with photographer Michelle Kuan, hair and make-up artist Tannia Plytas and my beautiful model and friend Laurie Goulet.  I'm looking forward to sharing more with you about the collection's inspiration but that will have to wait for another post since I really should be getting to that darn checklist. 
The Martyre shirtdress - Made from recycled hemp & organic cotton duck
Simon.. what a model!
The Canadiana coat - Made from vintage wool textiles
The girls gettin' silly on our hot, hot, hot shoot day
The wide leg Nuages pant in recycled hemp/organic cotton and vintage turquoise corduroy Ciel blazer
The Aurore wrap dress in vintage navy floral print (one of my faves)
That's my little sneak peak!  Let me know what you think my dears and any words of encouragement to keep me going on my quest to check off that 'to do' list are much appreciated.  XOXO Michelle


  1. Wow!!! I Just imagined myself in the martyre dress...I think I would look pretty snazy :-) And the sleeve on the Canadian coat really gives it an edge. And last thing, your model is sooo beautiful. Inspiring post! :-)

  2. I love the Martyre shirtdress. I've been looking for such a dress and this one is the winner. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the collection. Bellerophon and I will be knocking on your door once it's ready!

  3. yay michelle! the pictures look amazing! the model is so pretty , too

  4. Thanks for the wonderful comments ladies!! ;) Stephanie... you and Bellerophon or "Blairfont" as I like to call him are welcome any time! Vanessa - agreed, that Martyre dress is for you and your hot, hot boots! :)

  5. Aaaaaah!!!!! I must have the entire collection!!!!