Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Inspired for Autumn

Finding inspiration isn't always an easy task.. although not too labor intensive, it can be a little stressful trying to find just the right inspiration to get your creative brain flowing.  Traditionally I usually head to a library, book stores, museums or galleries to find inspiration.  I also can't get enough of old movies, thrift or vintage shopping and flipping through magazines, new and old.  Sometimes though, it hits you like a ton of bricks, even if it doesn't make complete sense at the time you always know when it hits you.  This is precisely what happened to me while preparing to put my Fall collection together.  Already behind schedule I was getting a little stressed about it (even though I know it always comes together somehow). 

I happened to catch a late night movie on CBC called "Aurore la Martyre" one night and was so distraught by the tragedy of this true story that I knew I had to find a way to make it work as the story behind my Fall collection.  Sadly, young Aurore's life ends at a very young age at the hand of abuse when all that needed to be done was for someone to speak up.  How do you get inspired by such tragedy and sadness?!  My thoughts behind the collection were based on the idea of what Aurore might have turned out to be like had she lived... her imagined survival so to speak.  Considering she would have been in her 20's around the 1930's and living in a rural countryside I started my research and found some inspiration that spoke to me....
What would she have been like when she came out of the darkness and into the light?  Would she have wanted to travel?  Would her wardrobe be inspired by Katherine Hepburn
A poster from the remake of the original film
Taking inspiration from everyday fashions of the thirties
When choosing colors and fabrications, its always important to research trends but, in my opinion you should always choose what works with your aesthetic and vision.
Simone's Rose - Fall fabric selections

So that's how its done ladies and gentlemen...  I'm already onto my Spring 2012 collection now and super excited about the inspiration for this one.  Fresh and pretty, I'm looking forward to sharing that collection with you come Spring!
XO Michelle

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