Friday, December 9, 2011

Blogging here.. blogging there

Hello sweet readers!

As you can tell my blogging has fallen to the wayside (as usual).. but I do have some news - I'm attempting to move the blog to my website so I can post more often.  For now I'm blogging here.. blogging there.

Please swing on by when you get a chance!  I'm working on the SS'12 catalogue this weekend so I'll be posting that on the site very soooooooon!

Here's a shot of my booth from the Smart Design Mart show I did last weekend in Montreal!  It was great fun and once again I had some fabulous neighbors who sold some great stuff - you MUST check out TOMA and their beautiful "Inside Out" collection.
TOMA - Outer loop hangers $20

I'm just LOVING these gorgeous hangers.  I'll take 20, yes please!  Seriously, every vendor at this show had amazing designs and goods - I was wishing I was shopping rather than selling that's for sure. 

On another note I also had a lot of interest in my Vintage Gold Label pieces - those are the blazers and dresses I make from vintage kimonos and kimono fabrics.  So - I've decided to post photos of the kimonos I have in stock that are ready to be loved and modernized!  Please feel free to contact me if you're interested!  Blazers start at $98 and dresses can run anywhere from $145 - $250 and up depending on the style. 
Vintage embroidered kimono - Waiting to be loved!
On that note - I leave you with this sweet video I came across recently.  Its pretty much just awesome so you should check it out.  I LOVE the avant garde fashion.. and the bicycle!  I'm going to use the word again.. Awesome!   Check it out here:  Cycle Chic and

xo Michelle

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