Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hello dear friends!  I know, I've been gone for a while.. but I'm baaaack!  Just like a scary movie - you never know when I'm going to pop up and...  write a post!!!  Scary right??  (Insert shocked and surprised face here)  I figured it was time to jazz things up a little bit and get back to posting regularly.  That's the plan anyway.. lets hope I don't get tripped up again!  Feel free to write to me and give me a virtual kick in the butt if you see that I'm slacking off alright?  Anyway, back to the task at hand....

This summer has been filled with lots of busy days (hence the lack of blog posts!) and going through my inventory has been a little intense.  So many small pieces of fabric, so many vintage garments.. so many pretty trims!   What does it all add up to?  The SANDBOX collection!  I've decided it was time to make use of all these goodies stockpiled in my studio and create some modern, trendy pieces from all these wonderful bits.
Sassy Polka dot shirt dress - $42 usd
 I guess you could say this new collection is my version of playing in the sandbox! Most of the items in this collection are one of a kind or limited to 3 pieces maximum.  My goal is to make use of all the bits and pieces in my studio that would otherwise get thrown out... my kind of zero-waste design!  Of course this is also in keeping with the Simone's Rose mandate of sustainability but taking it a step further.
Red silk sleeveless blouse - $39
Now just because I'm making use of 'scrappy' ends doesn't mean these pieces are lacking the quality  Simone's Rose is known for.  All the vintage garments and fabrics are carefully looked over and chosen for quality and originality - many vintage pieces are also 100% silk and all fabrics, trims and vintage garments are pre-cleaned to ensure you're getting a fresh piece of clothing.  The pieces will be available exclusively in my Etsy shop which also allows me to sell them at great prices!  So come by the online boutique and have a look!  I'll be adding new pieces regularly and hope you'll enjoy the selection.  I'm having lots of fun creating these new pieces.. there's a challenge in every new garment!  

Coming up in the next postings.. before and afters of the vintage pieces!

Thanks for sticking around and checking out my post...  I promise to keep it up and post regularly.  Pinky swear!!!
xoxo Michelle

P.S. This is the weirdest video I could find on pinky swear rules....  ;) XO

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