Friday, April 12, 2013

Can you help with a vote?!

Why hello there!  

As you can see I've been slacking off on the blog posts a little bit... okay well, a lot on this blog.  ;)   I've moved everything over to my website in the past months.  Come check it out if you have a chance... I'm also working on a whole new shiny website with an integrated online shop... hooray!  Don't worry though, you'll still be able to find Simone's Rose goodies in our Etsy shop.

So, I've recently entered a contest which could potentially grant me a gift of $5000 to invest in my business - how awesome would that be?!  As an independent / small business its never easy to get funding so I'm jumping at this opportunity which could give me the boost I need to take it to the next level.

With $5000 I would invest in some much needed equipment to speed up my production process...  a new super powered sewing machine - check it out.. its pretty awesome (or this one), a used industrial coverstitch machine (helping me speed through t-shirt and legging hems like lightning!) and a new cutting table (the kitchen table I'm using definitely needs to retire!!). 

I've have also REALLY been wanting to get a new printer/scanner combo so that I can produce and sell patterns of my designs.  Wouldn't that be great!?   

Check out Intuit's website and my plea for your votes over here.  You can vote once a day and I will be eternally grateful for any votes you can send my way.  

Thanks a bundle and wishing you a great weekend ahead!
XO Michelle

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